Review of The Month: Honda CR-V – The Perfect Intermediate SUV For Long Drives

July 20, 2019 Car Rental

Honda may not have created the crossover category with the Honda CR-V, but they sure made it desirable. When it first went on sale in 1995, the CR-V was in a relatively niche market. Today, buying or renting a spacious, high-riding vehicle with on-demand all-wheel drive is just normal. Our Mississauga car rentals desk sees […] full post

What The Northwest Deuce Days Event Holds for The Automotive Enthusiast In You

July 20, 2019 Car Rental

It’s 2019 and many thought we wouldn’t see Northwest Deuce Days assemble again after their last meet three years ago. But we are so excited that the event lives on! The Northwest Deuce Days is one of the most popular classic car shows in Canada. So well-known is the event that you get owners from […] full post

Is A Future Free of Private Cars Possible? Here’s How The Economy Will React

July 20, 2019 Car Rental

No private cars in the future? Don’t worry, Americans, your northerly neighbours aren’t ‘going commie’. It’s just the way of the millennial. Car sales may not show it just yet, but the evidence is all around: private car ownership is declining. Rather, it is the interest in private car ownership that is declining. It’s not […] full post

Review of The Month: Passenger Minivan – The Ultimate Ride for Growing Families

July 20, 2019 Car Rental

What can carry up to eight people? Swallow their luggage? And travel long distances comfortably? It’s the passenger minivan, of course. Minivans have come into their own in the last few years. Once looked down upon as the boring runabout of the family man or woman, minivans have received a major makeover. Today, minivans look […] full post

Looking For The Best Van Rental Toronto Can Offer? Use Our Extensive Guide to Decide

July 20, 2019 Car Rental

How would you like to cruise through Toronto and enjoy the sights and sounds of what the city has to offer? The most culturally-diverse city on the planet, Toronto, is truly a reflection of Canada. A blend of the old and the new, Toronto is renowned for its modern architecture and landmarks of national heritage. […] full post

The 4 Most Scenic Hiking Trails in Ontario Near Toronto & How To Get To Them

July 20, 2019 Car Rental

Ontario is home to incredible natural beauty and outdoor adventures that will keep your adrenaline pumping and awaken your imagination. Whether you’re vacationing with family or friends, the four-seasonal palette of Ontario is home to many natural wonders and boasts of vast forested parks, pristine trails, abundant wildlife, and tranquil lakes. Around 40% of Canada’s […] full post

Know About The Vehicle Expenses Tax Deductions That Could Save You Money This Year

July 20, 2019 Car Rental

Tax season is just around the corner and most people dread the thought of it because of filling out piles of paperwork and paying the government a solid chunk of their hard-earned money. Did you know that you may be eligible for vehicle expenses tax deduction that could save you some money this year? If […] full post

Are Self-Driving Cars The Future of Rentals? Here Are Two Sides of The Coin

July 20, 2019 Car Rental

Technology is continuously evolving with innovations being conceptualized, invented, developed and having the power to change the way of life. One such technological innovation that has dominated headlines across the world in recent years is the self-driving car. The very first driverless car got its initial test run in the 1920s and was called “phantom […] full post

The Getting Ontario Moving Act Will Have Far-Reaching Implications On Road Safety

July 20, 2019 Car Rental

Just because Ontario’s road safety trends have been pointing in the right direction for the past few years, it’s no reason to become complacent. Road safety as a subject requires constant attention. Driving standards must always be raised and road conditions are made safer too. Think not just of the driver but also pedestrians, cyclists […] full post

Tips For Renting A Moving Van Or Truck

June 22, 2017 Car Rental

Advantage Makes Renting A Moving Van Easy Summer has finally arrived Moving season is here, we have reached the precious few months in southern Ontario where you can move your belonging to a new home without having to worry about blizzards or a downfall of rain. While moving can be a fun and exciting time […] full post