Getting a rental car at Toronto airport? You need this checklist

September 28, 2020 Car Rental

Picking up a Toronto airport rental car can seem like a no-brainer, but being unprepared can cost you Here’s how to prepare for your car rental Renting a car from the Toronto airport seems like a straightforward process. It should be no different than renting a car anywhere else. Yet, if you come unprepared, you […] full post

Find out how you can redeem points for your rental car and save big!

September 21, 2020 Car Rental Credit card

With the effect of the COVID 19 pandemic on traveling, a lot of people are settling for road trips over flights to their destinations. If you have decided rent a car, here are some tips for redeeming your credit card points (and frequent flyer miles) for big savings on your car rental expenses. Some of […] full post

Why we don’t use the tires on rental cars till they are completely used up

September 14, 2020 Car Rental Did You Know

As the only component of the vehicle in contact with the ground, safety and control relies heavily on the condition of tires. We make sure every one of our customers enjoys a safe journey by replacing our vehicles’ tires frequently. Unlike other companies, we never wait till the tire is at its minimum tread depth […] full post

Best features of our business car rental in Toronto

September 7, 2020 Car Rental Credit card

Renting a vehicle a for a business trip is something that can worry even the most experienced of business travelers. “What will be the experience at the rental desk? Will I get the rental car I booked? Are they going to try and upsell some service? Does the company have monthly invoicing for business clients?” […] full post

Car Rentals or Cabs? Guidelines for Making a Better Commute Choice

July 20, 2019 Car Rental

Toronto is the capital of its province, Ontario, and home to people from all around the world, making for a culturally diverse community. Decorated with a beautiful skyline and points of interest across the entire city, it begs the question; “How does one get around in Toronto – hailing a ride or renting your own?” […] full post

Looking for Summer Camp Grounds? Here Are A List of Ontario’s Most Coveted Spots

July 20, 2019 Car Rental

As the best car rental service Toronto has, we know first-hand how much people love camping. As millennials forgo car ownership, rental cars have become the obvious choice when you go camping. In fact, the intermediate SUV, like the Honda CR-V is one of our most in-demand camping cars during the summer season. In this […] full post

10 of Toronto’s Most Happening 2019 Summer Events For The Heliophile In You

July 20, 2019 Car Rental

Toronto is abuzz with activity this summer. Actually, Toronto is abuzz with activity every summer. So, if you want to soak up some sun and enjoy the local festivities, you’ve come to the right place. To all heliophiles, keep your sunscreen handy. In this article, we are looking at 10 of Toronto’s most happening summer […] full post

Here Are Some Clever Ways To Save Money When You Travel This Summer

July 20, 2019 Car Rental

Guess what, you’re not alone in wanting to travel this summer. The summer season in Canada is easily the busiest time for tourism. Thousands of people visit from other countries, and us Canadians are on the move too. It almost feels like Toronto is emptied over the weekends, as residents Google ‘car rental service nearby’, […] full post

Is it Your First Time Travelling for Business? Here Are Handy Tips For A Smooth Trip

July 20, 2019 Car Rental

Secretly, behind all the grovelling business travellers do, we know you love it all. The razzmatazz of ‘going away for business’ is real, as are the pains. After all, you are travelling for work and your itinerary is designed for maximum productivity, not maximum comfort. There’s no dearth of business travel tips and tricks, some […] full post