The First Canadian Automobile

January 13, 2017 BLOGS Did You Know

The first Canadian Automobile  was produced in 1867 by Henry Seth Taylor, although it was not very well received and most people thought it was just a novelty that would never last.   Fast forward to 1904 when Ford opened the Ford Motor Company of Canada and the industry exploded by 1913 there were over […] full post

Weekend Winter Getaways

January 6, 2017 Article BLOGS

Do you need a holiday after your holiday? Sure, spending time with friends and family is amazing and rewarding but it is also exhausting, that’s why you deserve a reward for surviving the responsibilities of the holidays before you get back to the responsibilities of the office. That’s why here at Advantage Car and Truck […] full post

Honda’s Canadian History

January 6, 2017 BLOGS Did You Know

Did You Know?   When Honda first came to Canada they were not importing cars, they set up in 1969 to sell motorcycles and power tools. It wasn’t until 4 years later they introduced the Civic to Canadian markets.   Honda would not start producing cars in Canada until 1986 when they opened the first […] full post

Advantage Review The Honda Civic

January 6, 2017 BLOGS Review

At Advantage Car And Truck Rentals we get a lot of requests for Honda Civics, they are fun, sleek, and above all else practical. The Civic is perfect for meeting clients, picking someone up from the airport or simply getting to work. Honda has come a long way with the Civic ,turning it from a […] full post

New Years In The GTA

December 30, 2016 Article BLOGS

Everybody loves New Years, it’s an excuse to get together with family and friends and rejoice in the year that has passed and to plan and look forward to the year ahead. Advantage Car And Truck Rentals wants to help you celebrate with our lists of the best places to celebrate the new year in […] full post

Did You Know; New Years Eve

December 30, 2016 BLOGS Did You Know

Impress your friends this New Years Eve with these New Years Facts The First New Year’s was celebrated 4000 years ago in Ancient Babylonians. It is said that you are supposed to celebrate with friends and loved ones because the people you spend new year’s with is an indication of the year to come. More […] full post

Advantage Review Ford Transit

December 30, 2016 BLOGS Review

Ford Transit   New Year, New You, are you moving in 2017? If so we have the perfect vehicle for you, A Ford Transit from Advantage Car and Truck Rentals is perfect for moving especially if you are moving from an area with not a lot of room to park large trucks. The Exterior Admittedly, […] full post

Advantage Guide To Holiday Road Trips

December 23, 2016 Article BLOGS

The Holidays are in full swing and everybody has places to be, their are office parties and children’s recitals to attend not to mention making sure to spend equal time with all of the relatives even if it means traveling all over the map in the same day to make sure to fit everyone in. […] full post

Advantage Review – Kia Soul

December 23, 2016 BLOGS Review

It won’t take you long driving the Kia Soul to see where it got it’s name. The Soul may be one of the biggest surprises I have ever had driving, my expectations for the car were not very high considering its predecessor, the Kia Joice, was not very well received overseas. All expectations of the […] full post

Did You Know?

December 23, 2016 BLOGS Did You Know Uncategorized

  The largest speeding fine ever issued was 650,000 euros, which is close to a million Canadian dollars. The driver, a Swedish man in a Mercedes SLS AMG, was going two and a half times the legal limit and would have to pay 3600 euros a day for 300 days. The drivers fine was so […] full post