Mercedes Benz C300 Review


Ladies and gentleman Valentine’s day is a lot closer than you think, so this year don’t get caught off guard and try to find a nice gift at the last second the day before. Plan ahead by renting the gorgeous 2016 Mercedes C300 from Advantage Car and Truck Rental and take your partner out for a night on the town. Make no mistake, Mercedes Benz is no longer the official car of the retired, they are beautifully designed with an elegant interior and masterfully engineered to give you the smoothest drive possible.

The Exterior


The major benefit that all Mercedes have is that they are all instantly recognizable. They have graceful curves and a subtle elegance that sets them apart from other sedans, not to mention the giant three pronged star emblazoned on the grill of every Mercedes. A major part of luxury sedans these days seems to be mixing luxury comforts with sporty styling, the C300 doesn’t follow those rules in true Mercedes fashion. The exterior is not sporty like the Jaguar XF or other foreign luxury cars, it is refined and bulky in all the right ways, just like its ancestors. If you’re looking for a truly classic look for your date night the Mercedes C300 is classical in a market always trying to change.

The Interior


The interior of the C300 is simply incredible, the seats are comfortable and because it is not taking the sporty route like its competitors the seats are roomier as well while providing more space for passengers and luggage. The large touchscreen is placed on top instead of actually in the dash which at first I thought looked more like an afterthought than a design feature but has slowly grown on me, it is well positioned to be easily navigated by the driver or the passenger. The trunk could easily fit 3 well sized suitcases if you plan to go away for a few days.

Gas Mileage


28 miles per gallon combined City/Highway means you won’t be needing to plan many trips to the gas station with the C300

The Drive


Luxury cars provide luxurious drives, the C300 has incredible handling making highway driving a breeze, the seats are so comfortable you will want to drive around just for the sake of it and the infotainment center makes listening to music or podcasts from your phone a breeze. Over the years Mercedes has made a lot of small changes which have turned into big differences.

Why Rent The Mercedes C300 From Advantage Car And Truck Rental

This is a beautiful car, that has a lot of room inside so if you want to impress people while still being able to fit an entire family’s worth of luggage in the trunk this is the car for you. Mercedes are classic cars that have managed to stick to their roots while managing to keep up with the times. Sometimes staying the same is what makes a car different.  

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