An Advantage Review; Nissan Rogue

At Advantage Car and Truck Rentals we believe there is a car for every occasion, sometimes that occasion is really special so it deserves a really special car. Other times it’s work so you need a car that can get the job done, and sometimes the occasion is just getting from point A to point B and for that you need a Nissan Rogue. The Rogue really came back into the public eye at the end of last year, in no small part due to a certain movie tie in promotion, they really deserve more attention than just sharing a name with a certain blockbuster movie. Rogue’s do exactly what cars were invented to do, get people where they are going safely and without problems.

The Exterior

The exterior of the Rogue sort of looks like if somebody took a normal sized hatchback and doubled its size. They have such a different look than its competitors in the crossover market like the Honda CR-V or a Toyota Rav-4. It is also slightly bigger than it’s competitors which means just a little bit more space inside which is always appreciated by the folks in the back seats.

The Interior

The inside of the Rogue gets a lot of praise from customers and reviewers alike. The seats are plush and comfortable, even the fabric on the seats feels luxurious. The front dash is well laid out so there will be no fumbling with changing the temperature when you’re trying to adjust the radio. At Advantage Car and Truck rentals we offer the five passenger Rogue as opposed to the 7 seater, this means there’s more room in the back for luggage. If you are looking for a high capacity passenger vehicle we do offer minivans at great prices.

The Gas Mileage

The 2016 Nissan Rogue has incredible gas mileage for a crossover of it’s size. 25 MPG City and 31 MPG Highway means you won’t be making a lot of trips to the gas station during your rental.

The Drive

The Rogue has a fairly standard drive, like I stated at the top of the article. It is very reliable and the visibility is second to none, considering the tiny blind spots, making parking incredibly easy. Driving a rental car should be as hassle free as possible and “Hassle Free” may as well be the slogan for the Nissan Rogue.

Why Rent A Nissan Rogue From Advantage Car and Truck Rentals?

The Nissan Rogue is a family vehicle, they are perfect for driving your family around, whether that be for a weekend getaway or just because your own car is in the shop and need a way to get to work. Rogues are reliable, easy to drive and incredible looking, so if you’re looking to go about your day to day duties this is the perfect car.
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