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The Ford F250 is a ridiculously large truck, the cab is big, the bed is big, the gas tank is big the whole thing is just BIG!

Big trucks are meant for big jobs, did you just buy a new couch but don’t want to pay the ridiculous delivery fees? Are you moving but don’t necessarily need a full moving van? Do you need to get you and your team to a convention in style and comfort?

is the perfect truck for these situations and literally anything else you can throw at it.


The Exterior

The outside of the F250 is fairly similar to the F150 we have already reviewed except it is, predictably, bigger. The massive front grill makes the truck look like a crouching animal with a huge mouth just ready to pounce.

The bed of the truck is 6 feet long and 4 feet wide between the wheel wells, it is also fairly deep so you won’t have any trouble fitting large items like kitchen sets or that new TV you’ve always wanted. The inside of the bed also comes with plenty of loops to hook tie down straps to as well as interior lights in case you’re working in the dark.

As an added bonus the truck sits so high off the ground you won’t have any trouble finding it in the IKEA parking lot.

The Interior

The Interior of the F250 is a thing of beauty, maybe not in looks but in function. The inside looks fairly similar to most other basic pickup truck the space in both the front and back seats are where the F250 really shines.

The front seats are wide with lots of arm and leg room and terrific back support. There is also a third fold down seat in the front that doubles as the arm rest.

The layout of the front console is well laid out with large buttons to make navigating through the bluetooth and radio very simple.

Most SUVs and trucks have large front seat areas for the driver and the front passenger but Ford went a step further and gave this truck the most rear legroom i have ever seen in any truck. Even the biggest guy on your hockey team wouldn’t have a problem with these seats.

Gas Mileage

The F250 does not offer much by way of fuel efficiency averaging only 13 MPG but considering the size of the tank (48 gallons) you’re going to get and estimated 624 miles per tank or about 1000 kilometers!


The Drive

Probably the biggest benefit to driving the massive Ford F250 is that you sit so high up above the road, you will feel like you’re in a transport truck looking out over the field of cars ahead of you.

For anyone worried about driving such a large vehicle, it really is quite easy.sitting so high means you can see everything that is around you making merging and taking tight corners easy while the back up camera makes parking a breeze.

Driving down the road is an adventure as i mentioned earlier you will sit high above the cars around making street signs and approaching exits easy to spot.



Why Rent A Ford F250 From Advantage Car And Truck Rentals


This vehicle will make moving any large items you may have seem like a walk in the park. Not to sound like a cheesy commercial but this truck will “GET THE JOB DONE!” The F250 is easy to drive the backup system is incredibly useful, the bed of the truck is big enough to fit a love seat or kitchen set as well.
If you need to get you and five of your friends somewhere comfortably but need more cargo space than a minivan the F250 will surpass all your expectations!