Korean cars used to be the underdogs in domestic markets, nobody really liked them, they were plain and poorly made. This, however, is no longer the case, Hyundai’s are no longer referred to as “pretty good… for a Korean car.” they are top shelf automobiles that compete with the best of the best.


Case in point is the 2017 Hyundai Elantra, an underdog only in the sense of perception. The Elantra holds it’s own against its highly regarded competitors in the compact category. While the Volkswagen Golf goes for speed and the Mazda3 goes for beauty the Elantra is happy living in the world of practicality.


At Advantage Car And Truck Rentals we have a car or truck for every occasion, fancy business dinners, weekend getaways, moving, the list goes on but sometimes when your renting a car the reason isn’t as important or meaningful as that sometimes you need to rent a car to get from Point A to Point B. This is what the Hyundai Elantra was built for.


The Exterior

Opting for the large front grill like many of its competitors, the Elantra certainly does have a modern look and sleek design that catches the eye. While it may have a similar look to much of its competition in the compact market, this was on purpose. The Elantra has been styled back in its latest redesign, creating more subtle edges down the side of the car and opting for boomerang style headlights make it more of a subtle beauty as opposed to a standout.


The Interior

The 2017 Elantra is an inch longer than the 2016 model which may not seem like a lot but the Elantra is already a comparatively big car for the compact market. There is plenty of space up front for the driver and front passenger offering lots of legroom and comfortable seating. The rears seats are also very comfortable for adult passengers with lots of head and leg space even though the rear seats do sit up a bit higher.


The Elantra offers plenty of cargo space with a spacious glove box and center compartment as well as plenty or storage space in side pockets on the doors. The trunk is incredibly spacious so that means no more having to get the kids to sit with bags in their laps on the way home from the grocery store.


The Elantra also had one of the best laid out center consoles of any modern vehicle, everything is slightly tilted toward the driver so climate and media controls are easy to access without having to take you eyes off the road for very long.


Fuel Efficiency

For a car big enough to be pushing the boundaries on compact and edging its way into mid-size territory, the 2017 Hyundai Elantra is incredibly fuel efficient.

A combined 33 MPG is absolutely incredible for a car this size, 38 mpg highway means any trip across the GTA won’t be hurting your wallet.

The Drive

A lot of smaller cars can feel like go carts when you drive them, they are quick to accelerate and turn very sharply and it is up to the driver if they like that sort of feel or not. The Elantra is not like that, it’s smoother ride, the steering is responsive but gentle and there is virtually no cabin noise, other than the light hum of the engine you will be able to drown out the sounds of the city no problem.



Why Rent An Elantra From Advantage Car And Truck Rentals?


Like I said before, the 2017 Hyundai Elantra isn’t going to turn heads or change your life but it will get you to your dentist appointment. The Elantra is the perfect car for getting things done, the cabin is spacious so the whole family will fit with plenty of room for your luggage in the trunk. Next time your car needs to go in for service, rent the Elantra for a reliable easy to drive replacement.
Spring is just around the corner, why not take the family out of the GTA for the weekend in the perfect family car, The Hyundai Elantra ?