At Advantage Car And Truck Rentals we get a lot of requests for Honda Civics, they are fun, sleek, and above all else practical. The Civic is perfect for meeting clients, picking someone up from the airport or simply getting to work. Honda has come a long way with the Civic ,turning it from a boring, everyday sedan to a car people are, and should be, excited to drive.


This isn’t your grandpa’s Civic, over the last few years the entire exterior of the car has changed from looking like every other sedan on the road to looking more like a British sports car. The four-door looks especially nice compared to its competitors, opting for more of a stylized streamlined look. This is the perfect car to rent for anyone looking to do the job of a sedan while looking like a sports car.


Much like the exterior, the interior looks more like a race car than your average sedan. Honda went to great lengths to make the occupants of the Civic feel as comfortable as possible while looking good. The two front seats have a lot of legroom, even the seats feel wide like a luxury car which is rare for a new compact car. The rear seats feel fantastic and still provide lots of legroom even for adults. The Civic even has a surprising amounts of trunk room which makes it perfect for fitting luggage and work materials on business trips.

The Drive

Much like other sedans, the Honda Civic feels great going down the road, although there is something to be said about the Civic that is different, it doesn’t feel like any other sedan. It is a fairly small car so it is easy to merge and park but it doesn’t feel vulnerable like other small car, in the Honda Civic you feel like the king of the road. This car packs a punch that other compacts lack, the responsive steering, the spectacular interior layout turn a normal commute into a trip to the future.

Gas Mileage

34 mpg city/highway combined. 30 City, 40 Highway, which is exactly what a renter wants when commuting around the GTA.

Why Rent A Honda Civic From Advantage Car And Truck Rental

A Honda Civic is the perfect car for almost every need, it can be used for commuting to work, picking up important clients or taking the family on the road for a weekend getaway. Trust us, once you start driving the Civic you won’t want to stop, on the highway or navigating the busy city streets the Civic provides the perfect drive.

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