Mazda 3

Driving downtown in any city can be tough, and Toronto may be one of the worst offenders. Two way streets that turn into one way streets for no apparent reason, impossible to find parking, streets you can only turn left on between 3 and 3:30 am, it can be frustrating. Luckily, Advantage Car and Truck Rentals has the perfect car for traversing the confusing streets, The 2016 Mazda3. This car is the very essence of what a city car should be, it’s small and stylish just like everything else in our great city.  

The Exterior

This is the car city dwellers have been waiting for, it has such a sleek and sporty look that fits perfectly into city life. The only big part about the whole car is the giant front grill which sets it apart from other compact cars. The Mazda3 is unique in streets of sameness. This is the type of car people take a second glance at in the parking garage on the way to their Prius.

The Interior

The interior of the Mazda3 looks great and has an amazing layout to make the driver feel as comfortable as possible, The gauge cluster is one of the best looking on any sedan with the big circular speedometer in the middle making it feel like a high end sports car. The back seats however is where things get a little cramped, there is not much legroom for adults so renting one for a family trip may not be your best option, for that a Ford Focus would probably fit better.

The Drive

Spectacular, that’s the perfect word for it, spectacular. The car handles well making tight turns like in underground parking or through the narrow streets or kensington. The car is small so you always know where you are in terms of proximity to others and the blind spots are minimal making it perfect for keeping an eye out for cyclist and jaywalkers. Merging into traffic is a breeze with the large for its size wing mirrors.

Gas Mileage

As if the Mazda3 needed another to be your next choice to rent, it a a fuel economy of 36 mpg city/highway combined!

Why Rent A Mazda3 From Advantage Car And Truck Rentals?

This a young professional’s kind of car, and perfect for city life, if you know you will be traveling a lot within the downtown area or even the GTA and need to bring things with you for work the Mazda3 is perfect for you. While I wouldn’t use it for taking the kids to grandmas, it is perfect for the person on the go that needs a car that can be easily parked, isn’t a hassle to get through traffic all while  looking fantastic.
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