It won’t take you long driving the Kia Soul to see where it got it’s name. The Soul may be one of the biggest surprises I have ever had driving, my expectations for the car were not very high considering its predecessor, the Kia Joice, was not very well received overseas. All expectations of the Kia Soul were blown out of the water before I even left the parking lot.


The Exterior

The styling on the Kia Soul are sort of unique, there are not many compact crossovers on the road that look similar to the Soul, It sort of looks like a strange combination of a Nissan Cube and Chevy Equinox but somehow it totally works. The Soul stands out without being to flashy, it fits in at a PTA meeting and at the office, this sort of versatility is what makes the Soul ideal for renting.



Kia clearly put a lot of thought into the interior of the Soul, it has the look of a look of a sedan but the feel of a minivan. Sitting in a Soul feels like sitting in a minivan, which I love, the seats are comfortable with a high back and wide bottom, they are ideal for long distance driving. The car seats five people very comfortably with lots of room in the back for luggage, but if that’s not enough the rear seats fold down for even more storage space.


The Drive

As I said earlier, the comfortable seats and high visibility makes the Soul as comfortable as a minivan, but the best part is, it is nowhere near as big as a minivan making it perfect for people who do not feel comfortable driving larger vehicles. As a matter of fact, every aspect of the drive screams comfort. Kia knows drivers won’t be taking the Soul off roading so the suspension doesn’t have to be stiff, the steering is responsive which almost goes without saying in 2016. The Soul is meant for getting to place to place on nice paved roads and it does its job perfectly.

Kia Soul Advantage

Fuel Efficiency

The Soul comes in at an impressive 27 miles per gallon combined which works out to 24 City and 31 Highway miles per gallon. Gas prices are always fluctuating and it there is nothing more frustrating that filling your tank only to see the gas station the next block over is five cents cheaper. Check out our blog on Must Have Apps for Any Driver to find an app to help.


Why Rent A Kia Soul From Advantage Car And Truck Rental?

The Kia Soul is the perfect car for getting from point A to point B especially if you are traveling with more that two people, making it perfect for families and business trips alike. The Soul has a comfortable drive with lots of room for everyone plus more, not to mention it looks as good as it drives.

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