Advantage Review The 2017 Chevy Cruze

With the holidays around the corner and plenty of travel on the horizon, you are going to want a car that can get you where you need to go in any weather while still saving a few dollars on gas. The 2017 Chevy Cruze is an incredible sedan with a stylish interior and incredible handling. The amazing interior space has plenty of room for the whole family (and presents).



The exterior of a Cruze is very stylish, especially compared to the competition. The extra large split front grill is straight off of a luxury car. The entire front end looks like something you would see on a car that would cost twice as much as a Cruze.

The swooping rear end really ties the look of the car together, it is modern without completely changing the entire look of the car. Even though it is Chevrolet’s entry-level vehicle they clearly spent a lot of time designing this car, making careful choices to make everyone feels special in their cars.

If you are the type that likes to impress, even with your rental cars, the Cruze is sure to turn some heads when you pull up the Christmas dinner.



The Interior is what really matters when renting a car like the Cruze, since it is only temporary it is important everything on the inside of the car works for you. Across the board car reviewers and customers alike give the rear seat foot room a thumbs up. Two adults can easily fit in the back seats and in today’s worlds where more automakers are sacrificing space for weight, that is rare.

The infotainment center is a major selling point for the Cruze. Your phone easily connects to the Bluetooth and once it does, the Cruze has both Apple Carplay and Android Auto which makes it even easier to talk on the phone and use the navigation. The car can even read your texts out to you and let you respond with your voice so you will not be distracted at all.


Fuel Efficiency

The 2017 Chevy Cruze may very well be the most fuel-efficient car we rent at Advantage! Coming in at a ridiculous 40 MPG Highway and 30 MPG City for a Combined 34 MPG you will be driving right by the always busy gas stations.


The Drive

The Chevy Cruze is a small car that drives like a much larger sedan. The tight suspension makes cornering a breeze. The entire construction is built to give you a comfortable ride both on and off the highway.

A big concern for people renting any car is how easy it is to park as Toronto has notoriously bad parking, cramming cars in anywhere they fit. You will be happy to hear that the small body and small blind spots make parking easy, made only easier by the rear view camera so you always know where you are.


Why Rent The Chevy Cruze

With the holidays coming up, you will need a car that can fit the whole family without any complaints. The Cruze has plenty of room in the cabin, lots of trunk space (for gifts) and the infotainment center will have you singing along to your favourite Christmas tunes.


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