Advantage Review – 2016 Jeep Wrangler

2016 Jeep Wrangler

Advantage 2017 Jeep Wrangler

There is something refreshing about a company not feeling the need to change. In a world of crossover SUVs and luxury pickup trucks the 2016 Jeep Wrangler stands proudly on top of a mountain its competitors could never even dream of reaching. With obvious styling influences from its war-era ancestors this Jeep is perfect for picking up groceries and for getting you and your buddies to the mountain for a day of skiing. Jeeps Wranglers fly off the proverbial shelves here at Advantage Car and Truck Rentals because they are fun, safe and something different from the everyday sedan.



The Jeep Wrangler is one of the very few vehicles that anyone could look at and know instantly what they are looking at. The fenders are boxy, the cab is boxy, the hood is boxy the whole thing is pretty much a big box and that’s what makes it so special. The front grill is made up of the vertical bars as seen on every Jeep and the external hood latches look as good as ever. Jeeps aren’t meant to get you where you are going in a hurry, Jeeps get you where you’re going safely and probably in a way you’ve never seen before.


Brown Jeep Wrangler


The rugged exterior of the Wrangler translates pretty well into the interior, this used to be a big problem with Jeeps the inside was almost too utilitarian. This problem has certainly been solved, the Wrangler interior is a perfect mix of modern amenities and classic styling. Jeep has done an amazing job of modernizing an old concept with today’s technology based world. The seats are comfortable with lots of legroom, if you’re in the front, even though Advantage does offer 4 door models the back seats should be reserved for the smaller members of your group.

Jeep Wrangler Interior

The Drive

Driving a Wrangler is a unique experience, they feel bigger than they actually are. Something about the way they are designed make you feel like you’re in a large pickup but in reality you sit at about the same height as a minivan and certainly not as long. After getting past the initial feel they are very fun to drive, the steering is reactive and it accelerates at the perfect speed for merging onto highways without having to really hammer on the gas. The only downside to the drive is a bit of road noise depending on the type of terrain the vehicle is on.


Gas Mileage

EPA 18 mpg combined with 17mpg city and 21mpg highway.

Jeep Gas Gauges


Why Rent A Jeep Wrangler From Advantage Car and Truck Rental?

Wranglers are the kind of vehicle that you always see driving around but you probably haven’t driven one yourself and now is your chance,winter is now in full swing and Wranglers are built for bad weather. No matter where you need to go the Jeep Wrangle will get you there.