This year marks 10 years that the province of Ontario has celebrated Family Day, a pleasure Alberta has had since 1990, I might add. At Advantage Car and Truck Rentals we believe spending time with family and loved ones is very important, especially in today’s hectic work centered world. Work, school and commuting can all make it hard to spend time and make memories with your family, that’s why we have decided to compile a list of different activities from around the GTA this February long weekend.


Have A Movie Day


Normally, this is where I would be suggesting packing some blankets and a bunch of junk food into the car and heading to the Drive-In to catch a double feature but unfortunately this is February and it is way too cold sit outside for 4 hours, that’s why staying in is the next best thing.

Staying home and watching movies with your family and friends is truly a fantastic way to spend frigid February afternoon. This is a perfect choice for those on a budget because it really doesn’t cost anymore than a monthly netflix bill or a trip down to the local movie rental place.


Chances are your family is not all going to have the same taste in movies, as a fun solution, have everyone write which movie they would like to watch and draw from a hat. This little trick not only ensures that everyone has a fair shot at getting the movie they want but it also means discovering a new movie you never would have watched otherwise.


The day doesn’t have to be all about the movie either, what’s a movie without snacks, really? Spend the morning together baking and making appetizers so you can spend the afternoon with your feet up and your belly full, watching the latest hollywood blockbuster.

Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls is absolutely packed to the brim with fun family activities. There is so much to do in Niagara Falls it is almost impossible to pack it all in over the course of a long weekend. The falls themselves are magical during the winter time, watching the water cascade over it’s frozen surrounding is certainly a sight to be seen that I couldn’t possibly bring justice to by describing it.


While in Niagara Falls you will also have the added benefits of some of the best restaurants in Ontario. Being situated so close to the border has certainly done wonders for the food served in the area, their are classic steak houses for lovers of fine dining but it’s real selling point are the weird foods that can only be described as “Sure! I’ll try it, I’m on vacation!”


Great Wolf Lodge, Canada’s largest indoor waterpark is also right around the corner. Most long weekends are spent soaking up the sun, swimming and hanging out by the fire at night, unfortunately none of those things are very fun in the middle of winter. GWL is here to solve that problem, for fairly reasonable rates you can spend the day or long weekend riding the water slides, lounging by the pool, and getting pampered in the spa.



Go Skiing


The fantastic about the Greater Toronto Area is that it doesn’t take long to drive out of the city and be surrounded by nature. Head up the 400 or 404 and you’re transported to whole new world surrounded by trees and farms instead of skyscrapers and over priced coffee shops.


The skiing in southern Ontario is second to none in both quality and price, whether you and your family are seasoned pros looking to tear up the slopes before hitting up the Chalet for a well deserved meal or you’re a group of novices looking to learn a new skill with the family while making some memories along the way, a trip to a Ski Resort might be the ideal way to spend a February Family Day.


It doesn’t have to be all about the skiing either, most resorts have a Chalet or clubhouse to spend a few hours eating delicious food, warming your bones with some hot chocolate and tending to the inevitable bumps and bruises that go hand in  hand with this incredible winter sport.


We have discussed in a previous article about all the incredible Ski Resorts just outside the GTA and they all have their own special offering depending on your skill level and budget.

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Visit A Town Festival


Lot’s of small towns have mini festivals over long weekends to bring people together and have a great time. Wasaga Beach for example has the annual Snowman-Mania event, where  visitors can enjoy a chili cook off, a 3 on 3 hockey tournament, A Rock Solid Wrestling Show featuring Live Pro Wrestlers! For the bravest of folks out there, there is also a Polar Bear Plunge to test your might.


On the 18th Haliburton has their long running Frost Fest which has so much going on I couldn’t possibly list them all in this article. Some of the family fun activities that have going on include, Snowshoe games, a tour of the local fish hatchery and many many more.


If you really want to try something out of the ordinary, The Kirkland Lake Winter Festival has Helicopter rides for $50 a person. Imagine spending quality time with your family while flying over the beautiful Canadian countryside.

Urban Exploration


Growing up in and around a major city like Toronto, people can often lose sight of what makes that city great. Toronto offers so much, that most locals breeze right over but that means missing out on a lot.


The CN Tower is the single most recognizable piece of our city, it dominates our skyline and was once the tallest freestanding structure in the world. The rotating restaurant at the top not only offers incredible views but the food is absolutely spectacular. The Toronto Maple Leafs are also playing a game on the Saturday of the long weekend against our cross province rivals the Ottawa Senators which is a can’t miss for any hockey fan.


For a bonding experience like no other an Escape Room at one of the many many different locations that have popped up all over the GTA in recent years offer everything from family friendly puzzle rooms to terrifying 18+ options reserved only for the bravest of families.


No matter what you choose Advantage is here to help, with many different cars and trucks to suit your every need and a number of locations across the GTA to serve you with ease.



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