It’s that time of year again, March Break, some parents love it, some parents hate it but the question on everyone’s mind is… what are we going to do and how are we going to get there?

While we can’t really help you out with the what we totally have you covered for how !

The 2017 Toyota Sienna is the perfect family van, offering plenty of room for both passengers and cargo. Not to mention, for a minivan it’s pretty great looking.


The Exterior


The outside of the Sienna is pretty standard minivan fair, two front doors, sliding back doors and a hatch for the trunk but you will soon see that there is more that meets the eye. The rear passenger doors are automatic so all you have to do is pull the lever and the doors open by themselves! Perfect for when you have your hands full with luggage or children!

The actual look of the van is something a little different from the competition, the front grill looks like it was pulled off of a sedan and stretched over the front of a different van.

The rest of the Sienna exterior is all fairly basic but that is to be expected with a minivan as the true magic lies inside.


The Interior


This is why you rent a minivan, it doesn’t matter what the outside of the van looks like if it doesn’t fit you and 7 of your closest friends and family plus all your stuff.

That’s right, I said you plus 7! The second row has a third seat in between where the two usual captains chairs sit. Albeit, you may want to put your smallest family member in that seat, it does allow for many more opportunities such as allowing two families of four to travel in one vehicle.

The front is perfectly set up for the driver or passenger to operate the media center and climate controls without having to take your eyes off the road.

Worried about having all that room for passengers may impact cargo room? Worry not! The 2017 Toyota Sienna has 39 cubic feet of cargo room, so you won’t have to worry about packing lightly!



Fuel Economy


20 MPG Combined, 18 City and 24 Highway, is very good for a minivan, combined with the large fuel tank, no matter how far you’re going your trips to the gas station will be few and far between.


The Drive


Minivans are built for comfortable, car makers know that the key demographic for these types of vehicles are parents and people that have a lot of driving to do. If you’re doing a lot of driving you are going to want to be comfortable, especially if you’re a parent because it may be the only time you’re comfortable that day.

The actual drive itself is spectacular, some other reviews claim it has a lazy pedal, meaning you’re not going to accelerate quickly out of the light, but I believe that is by design. The Sienna is designed to be comfortable, so the acceleration shouldn’t be jerky.


Why You Should Rent A Toyota Sienna From Advantage Car And Truck Rentals.


With March Break coming up and spring just around the corner, The Toyota Sienna is the perfect car for weekend getaways or even just getting your family from place to place. The fuel economy is incredible and the interior is comfortable and spacious.
Basically, if you and your family have somewhere to be this is the vehicle for you!