Do you consider yourself a weekend warrior? Are you shredding contracts on Friday but shredding the slopes on Saturday? Are you still finding sand in your hair when you sit back down at your desk Monday morning? If all this sounds familiar and you’re looking for  a way to get you and your friends to the cabin this weekend look no further than the ridiculously fun to drive 2017 Ford Escape.


The Exterior


Over the years the Escape has transformed to become almost unrecognizable from its ancestors. Starting life as a huge boxy machine that had a lot in common with it’s even bigger contemporary the Ford Explorer. Now its a sleek contemporary looking SUV that’s small enough to have no problems making it’s way through the city streets on Friday durable enough to traverse the rough roads of cottage country on Saturdays.


Most of the time people don’t rent a vehicle based on how it looks but instead on how it fits the renters needs. Some occasions though call for making a statement such as meeting clients or impressing your in laws,  and that’s where cars like the Jaguar XF and The Infiniti QX50 come into play. The Ford Escape says why not do both, make a statement and be practical, who says you can’t look good and turn some heads on your way to your next weekend adventure?

The Interior


When your going away for the weekend you want your car to have three things. One, passenger room, long drives are tedious as it is even when you’re not rubbing shoulders with the person beside you. Two, cargo room, you want to be able to have enough room to fit all of your stuff plus a little extra for whatever you pick up along the way. Three, an easy to navigate media center so everyone gets their chance to play DJ and bump their favorite road trip tunes. Luckily the Ford Escape covers all of the plus more, their is plenty of rear seat space to accommodate everyone, the rear hatch opens up to a large trunk to give more than enough luggage room, and with easy to pair bluetooth as well as AUX and USB compatibility you will be listening to your favourite music in no time.

Gas Mileage

Not only does the Escape drive like a performance car it has the fuel efficiency of a compact. The EPA MPG rating is 29 highway and 21 city miles per gallon making a combined 24 miles per gallon. This means if you have a long drive ahead of you, you’ll be planning bathroom breaks not gas stops.


The Drive


If you have somewhere to be this weekend you don’t want to spend the whole drive in your cousin Steves rickety old pickup truck hoping against hope you’ll even make it to your destination. No, you want to be carefree as you’re cruising down the highway in a smooth, easy to handle, brand new SUV. Not only are Ford Escapes notoriously reliable but the drive itself is unlike any other mid size SUV. The responsive steering and minimal blind spots are more reminiscent of a performance car than any of the Escapes competitors.


Why Rent  A Ford Escape From Advantage Car And Truck Rentals?


Every moment you spend in your rental should be enjoyable, whether you’re headed out of the city for a weekend getaway or just need something to replace your daily driver while it is in the shop, the Ford Escape is an enjoyable treat for any situation.


Gas mileage, style and interior space make the perfect trifecta for perfect weekend getaway don’t wait…

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