2017 Ford Escape


  Do you consider yourself a weekend warrior? Are you shredding contracts on Friday but shredding the slopes on Saturday? Are you still finding sand in your hair when you sit back down at your desk Monday morning? If all this sounds familiar and you’re looking for  a way to get you and your friends […]

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4 Easy Tips For Car Trips


Whether it is for your own car or  a rental these 4 easy tips will will make your next road trip a breeze!   The Shower Caddie This has been one of the best car life hacks I have ever come across simply because I cannot think of a time where I haven’t used it […]

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5 Incredible Family Day Ideas

Amazing Advantage Skier

This year marks 10 years that the province of Ontario has celebrated Family Day, a pleasure Alberta has had since 1990, I might add. At Advantage Car and Truck Rentals we believe spending time with family and loved ones is very important, especially in today’s hectic work centered world. Work, school and commuting can all […]

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Advantage Reviews: 2016 Infiniti QX50

2016 Infiniti QX50 Advantage

Are you doing business in the GTA? Perhaps you have to drive your business partners out of town for a conference or maybe you are picking up clients to wine and dine them at a fancy restaurant? Either way Advantage Car and Truck Rentals has the perfect vehicle for showing people around town. The Infiniti […]

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What Is Car Camouflage?

carcamo advantage

Did You Know About Car Camouflage?   Anyone who has googled a car before has no doubt run across pictures of said car covered in a strange black and white wrap like these; Have you ever wondered what all that is about? A new paint option to to make finding your car easier? No, Promotional […]

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An Advantage Review; Nissan Rogue


An Advantage Review; Nissan Rogue   At Advantage Car and Truck Rentals we believe there is a car for every occasion, sometimes that occasion is really special so it deserves a really special car. Other times it’s work so you need a car that can get the job done, and sometimes the occasion is just […]

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Did You Know? The Nissan Rogue One

Nissan Rogue One Advantage

Nissan partnered with the film Rogue One; A Star Wars Story to release a limited edition Nissan Rogue called the Rogue One Edition. Only 400 of these beautiful cars will be sold in all of Canada Some of the special features included in the Rogue One Edition Include: Limited Edition Chrome Front Door Patch Star […]

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Driving on Toll Roads with a Rental Car

407 Map

Toll roads are defined as roads that the drivers must pay a fee for using them. Everyone loves convenience, especially when it means saving time and frustration. In the Greater Toronto Area, the 407 ETR is an amazing service available to commuters which its purpose is to ease congestion on other 400 series highways as well as […]

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Advantage Reviews: Mercedes Benz C300


Mercedes Benz C300 Review   Ladies and gentleman Valentine’s day is a lot closer than you think, so this year don’t get caught off guard and try to find a nice gift at the last second the day before. Plan ahead by renting the gorgeous 2016 Mercedes C300 from Advantage Car and Truck Rental and […]

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Did You Know? 407 ETR Facts

407 Advantage Car Rental

  Did You Know the 407 Express Toll Road is the first completely electronic toll road in the world. As of 2010 more than 350,000 cars use the 407 ETR everyday making up more than 2.3 Billion total kilometers driven since its opening in 1997.   The 407 ETR is responsible for all its own […]

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